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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Set Back

I had a small set back on the Vektor this afternoon. Seems when I was sanding the primer/filler and handling the boat the deck came adrift from the hull in the area from the shroud attachment point forward for about 3 inches (to the center of the access hole).

Luckily Al was there to stop me from tossing the whole thing in the trash and he suggested I put some Z epoxy thickened with some adhesive filler into the opened seam. I did this and then taped it down. Will check on it tomorrow morning. Al then asked if I had tied the hull together with the deck in the area of the shrouds with glass, to which I did not! So, tomorrow I will cut some fiberglass cloth to tie the areas together and mix up some thickened epoxy to put in this area, with boat on her side so let gravity do its job. The after this thickened stuff is in place I will come back and tab the hull to the deck with the fiberglass cloth and some regular epoxy.

And to think I was getting ready to buy my paint and thought that I may even be able to paint her this weekend.

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