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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Color on the hull

Here is the 1st coat of the color paint on the hull. It is a 'sparklescent' color from It is supposed to sparkle when the sun hits it. Prior to painting the color on the hull, Hew suggested we sand down the 'tape line' from when we taped the hull to reference the blue paint. Hew took some 380 grit wet sand paper and v e r y lightly he sanded this small ridge down. After talking with Dave today, he said looking back at it, we never should have laid the tape down. It may have been better to just paint the whole hull blue, then taped off the stripe, then spray the white. This would have eliminated the lip of paint from the tape and would have maybe helped the white lay down more even. It took many coats of the white to cover where the blue and the gray primer met. Arm chair quarterbacking? Naw, just a lesson for next time using these paints.

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