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Monday, September 28, 2009

Sewing the seams on the "C" rig

Finishing up the sails

Tonight I finished up working on the sails. I put grommets on the sails and i also used a sewing machine to sail the seams on the "C" rig sails.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Installing Deck Hardware

Tonight it rained so we did not sail Victorias, instead I went to the boat yard and did some work on the IOM. I installed the rudder servo and the carbon push rod and a trim piece. I also installed the sail servo and the servo arm. A double cheek block was installed on the sail arm. A block was installed in the forward end of the cockpit for the main sheet and another block inside the forward part of the hull for the bungee cord tensioner to go through. A few holes were drilled into the forward cockpit bulkhead, two for the fairleads for both the sheet and the bungee cord tensioner and another holes was drilled for the ON/OFF switch. Again, the goal is to get this boat in the water soon so i can make it to the Region 5 Regatta in Dallas at the end of October.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

More photos of the sails

"C" Rig sails made

"C" Mainsail

Laying out the panels for the "C" Mainsail

Today I finished up making the sails for all three rigs. Almost! I still need to punch holes and put grommets on the tack, clew and head as well as the holes along the luff of the mains for attaching to the masts. Here are some more photos showing the sails with numbers, logo and USA.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

FINISHED 'A' JIB (without sail number and grommets)


Making Sails!



Tonight I started the tedious process of building sails. I ordered my sail cloth from Midwest Model Yachting and got it in the mail a few weeks ago. I was fortunate that Al has boards made with the template for the panels for all three sets of sails. So I unrolled some sail material and cut it then put it on the sail block and stuck it together. It seems easy, and it is very easy with Al's help, but to do this on your own may be a bit trying.

Ended up putting the panels together for the jibs and mains for the A rig and the B rig. We finished up the night by cutting the A jib to shape, putting the corner reinforcing patches on and then putting the luff wire and the luff tape on. I still need to put my sail number on this sail and then punch some grommets in it for the clew, tack and the head. Tomorrow I hope to put my sail number on this sail and then to continue work on the B jib. It is tedious work but i hope to get her sailing before too much longer as I want to take the boat to Dallas in November for the Region 5 Championship Regatta to debut this boat.