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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Deck attached to the Hull

Finally got the deck attached to the hull tonight. I need to thank Hew for his willingness to stick his fingers in gooey epoxy (thickened with adhesive filler) and do the dirty work. I think it drives him nuts that my epoxy work could be considered sloppy by some and I am sure he felt better knowing the epoxy was put on right and with out too much seepage. We also installed and epoxied into place the tube that holds the mast ram. While the deck was still off i secured a block to the forward bulkhead that the sheets will turn on.
In the photo Dave is doing his inspection work on this step. Dave has all ready completed his Vektor and has also been a great source of help and guidance for me. Seriously though, i could not have gotten this far with out the help and guidance of my good friend Al and his awesome boat yard located in a top secret location in his attic. I also need to thank Hew for his answering my questions and offering his advice.
Well, still have lots of work to go - fit the lead bulb to the keel blade, build a rudder, build rigs and then make sails. I want to believe it is downhill from here, but somehow i think i am getting to the complicated stuff now.
Stay Tuned!
Oh yeah - credit for this photo to Hew, photo taken with his iPhone

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