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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Hull painted

Here are some photos of the final paint job on the hull. When the weather presents a good day for outside spraying I will put some automotive clear coat on the hull to protect the paint. Being water based paint, it is pretty fragile at the moment. After the clear coat goes on I can then paint the cockpit and the deck. I still have much to do on the boat, but very happy to have some paint on her. I need to drill a hole for the rudder tube, drill a hole for the keel bolt as well as drilling holes for various fairleads and a deck block. I have to make my rigs and sails and then work on connecting the lead bulb to the keel. The keel and the rudder also need to be painted. WOW! I have a lot of work remaining on the boat, but so far it has been a very satisfying project. I need to thank Al, Hew and Dave for all of their help, advice, assistance so far in this project. THANKS GUYS!

Oh yeah, my choice of color? "Porn Star Pink" - the the link below to the website of auto air colors. These paints go on easy, but are water based so a clear is required to protect the paint job. If I had goofed, it would have been relatively easy to wash the old paint off and start over. This paint can not be sanded between coats or after a coat prior to clear coating.

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