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Monday, November 30, 2009



The #91 under sail

Main sail Cunningham

'A' Rig cunningham

'C' rig cunningham

'C' rig cunningham

'A' rig cunningham

Jib down haul

Here are a few shots of how I rigged the Jib down haul on this boat.

Sail box

Here are two photos of the sail box I have been working on. The design is the same as Al's, and it will hold all three rigs. More details to follow once I make more headway on this project.

PVC boat stand

Here are a couple of shots of the PVC boat stand I put together. You will not a 'T' coming off the bas of the legs, this is to support the keel, putting the boat at angle of heel to see the shape of the sails better.

Saturday, November 28, 2009


The above link to youtube shows the veiw from onboard Dave's boat. Hew has a small video camera that we tape on to a boat.

Boat stand and sail box

Yesterday I went to the boat loft and built a boat stand out of PVC pipe and started to build my sail box. I will post pictures later this weekend.

The boat stand is made from 1/2 inch PVC pipe and some elbows and a couple of 'T' fittings. I used some type of rubber shelf liner for the 'hammock' that supports the hull. This cost less than $10.00 to make.

The sail box is made from 1/4 inch plywood and 1 x 6 poplar boards and 2 piano hinges at 6 foot length each. This box will hold all three rigs. I will post more details of the box and some photos later this weekend.

Today I will continue to work on the sail box and try to knock out some of the other items on my list of things to complete to finalize this boat.

Sunday we are planning on sailing IOM's at the lake front.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A-Rig Cunningham

Today I put the Cunningham ring on the mast of the A-Rig. In order to do this I had to take the boom off and then remove the spreaders so i could take the mast apart at the joint. I slide the mast out of the sail hoops and then put the ring on the mast below the white stripe and above the gooseneck. I used some CA to hold it in place. I also had to reattach the head of the main to the top of the mast, it was set too low before. After doing this Adrian showed up to the boat loft and soon after Dave also arrived. I put the rig back to together and installed sliding hooks for the adjustments to the Cunningham, these are the sliding hooks that are used for the the sheet attachments, they require an Allen wrench to tighten and loosen, but i think i prefer this method over the bowsie I was using before. I also replaced the bowsie on the Job Boom for the down haul with one of these sliding hooks. Like a big dummy, I forgot to put on draft stripes on the main! Will try to get to this this weekend.

I need to do all of the above to the B-rig too!

I am hoping I won't have to work this weekend and I can build my sail box. Ordered the clips to hold the masts from West Marine and they should be here next week. The sail box will hold all three rigs.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Pictures from sailing Sunday, November 22, 2009

VEKTOR - #91

VEKTOR 91 crossing the stern of Mike's own design 'GOLLYWOMPUS'

VEKTOR 91 & 66 around the mark, GOLLYWOMPUS in the middle


I order 4 sets of batteries from this evening. These are 6 volts, 2000 mAh NiMH for $8.99 each!

We sailed this morning at the lakefront and she did OK, but she did better after Hew tuned the boat a bit. 'They' let me win the last race so I will have to come out again real soon!

Made a list of things to do to in order to complete the boat once and for all.

1) Finish the C rig - Connect Jib to mast
1) Wire switch and make all electrical connections
2) Install mast ring and re-run cunninghams on both the A rig and the B rig, using hooks and track-slides instead of bowsies
3) Put draft stripes on all 3 mains
4) Re-run downhauls on all three jibs - remove bowsies and use hooks/track-slides
5) Make a boat stand out of PVC piping
6) Build a sail box to hold all three rigs
7) Build a box to hold the hull, with places to secure the rudder and keel/bulb

Now Al is making a mold of the NOUX II and i am sure one of these days i will want to build one of those just so i can keep up with the fleet!