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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Fixed the Hull/Deck Joint

Today I went by Hew's shop and he helped me to fix the hull/deck joint. We pulled the deck off from the hull from the chain plates forward, working a razor blade to open it up all the way. We then took some sandpaper and roughed up both edges to be reconnected. Hew then mixed up some 30 minute epoxy and he carefully put it in the joint. We then taped the deck down to the hull and let it sit. Hew also took some bondo and filled and faired a spot on each side of the hull.

I then went over to the boat yard @ Al's and I cut some fiberglass cloth to lay up under the chain plates to connect the hull to the deck in this area. I mixed up some epoxy and put some in a syringe to use later with the cloth. The balance of the epoxy was mixed with some adhesive filler and made paste like. I put this thickened epoxy inside the hull mashing it to the deck under the chain plates. I then cut the cut fiberglass cloth and tabbed the deck to the hull. After the cloth was in place I then took the syringe of regular epoxy and squirted it on the cloth. Taking my finger and a plastic straw I wetted the cloth and then set the boat upside down to dry.

I also made a table top boat stand to hold the boat while working on a table or the tailgate of a truck. It will hold the boat with out rudder or keel.

Should be buying paint tomorrow and hope to get her painted up over the weekend.

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