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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Blue Boot Stripe - II

Here you can see the yellow tape we laid on the hull near the waterline. This will be the blue boot stripe. It was difficult to get the tape to lay down with a nice curve and remain on the water line. We took a laser level and set it up on a bench across from the hull and we then 'leveled' the boat so the line hit the bow at the water line and at the stern at the waterline, or maybe it would be better to say where the design water line is supposed to be. Anyway, with the room dark, so the laser beam was more visible I used small tabs of blue painters tape and marked the laser line every couple of inches or so. The lights were then turned back on and Dave helped me to lay this yellow tape so one edge hits these small bits if blue tape used to mark the line. After a few 'do-overs' we get the line to look right, with no obvious sharp curves or bends. We then did the same procedure for the other side. After both sides were done we then looked at both sides together to see how they looked. It looked fined and I then proceeded with the white paint.

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