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Saturday, October 10, 2009

C rig

I almost finished completing the C rig this morning. I did however attach the mainsail to the mast and boom. I need to connect the wire headstay to the mast, but require a second set of hands to do this properly. This will have to wait until Al gets back from racing Victoria's in San Antonio.
Thursday I drilled out 2 more holes in the lead bulb in order to reduce the weight of the keel/bulb. These holes were filled with Styrofoam peanuts and then epoxied over. This morning I sanded off the excess epoxy. The keel/blade now just needs the 'once over' from Al and then some touch up paint and final sanding and polishing.
Dave ordered some more parts from Mid-west Model Yachting and I ordered some extra parts and pieces for the boat. The order should be here next week. I ordered some bowsies, some silicon drain plugs, block to replace the one I 'borrowed' from Al and the auto ease Cunningham rings. I also order extra boom slides with hooks that i will use for my downhauls. I think I prefer this method over a bowsie as it is easier to adjust, just requiring an allen wrench.

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