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Monday, October 5, 2009

Sea Trials?

Well an attempt was made on Sunday to take her out for sea trials. The weather was lousy and the wind was up to 12 to 15 or better, near the top of the A rig range. At the time all I had completed was the a rig! With Al, Hew and Dave there to watch, the pink boat was launched! It was not a successful sail, as the wind was strong, I did not have my shrouds tight and the pot was not sealed up. Needless to say the hull was full of water when she got back to the dock. Hew sailed his boat with the B rig effortlessly! Not a drop of water in his Vektor! Anyway, the rain was fast approaching so I packed it up and went back to the boat loft to continue the work on the other sails/rigs. Hew took some fantastic photos of this outing and posted them on his flickr site. The link is below.

I also borrowed a few of his shots and posted them here. together with some other shots.

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