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Sunday, November 22, 2009


I order 4 sets of batteries from this evening. These are 6 volts, 2000 mAh NiMH for $8.99 each!

We sailed this morning at the lakefront and she did OK, but she did better after Hew tuned the boat a bit. 'They' let me win the last race so I will have to come out again real soon!

Made a list of things to do to in order to complete the boat once and for all.

1) Finish the C rig - Connect Jib to mast
1) Wire switch and make all electrical connections
2) Install mast ring and re-run cunninghams on both the A rig and the B rig, using hooks and track-slides instead of bowsies
3) Put draft stripes on all 3 mains
4) Re-run downhauls on all three jibs - remove bowsies and use hooks/track-slides
5) Make a boat stand out of PVC piping
6) Build a sail box to hold all three rigs
7) Build a box to hold the hull, with places to secure the rudder and keel/bulb

Now Al is making a mold of the NOUX II and i am sure one of these days i will want to build one of those just so i can keep up with the fleet!

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