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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Sail Box

SAIL BOX with slots fitted to hold Keel and rudder

Worked on the sail box some more on Wednesday together with Al and Collin. We looked at some photos of Adrian's sail box and decided to put in a slot to hold the keel and rudder securely. I still need to find some clasps to hold the box closed securely and a carry handle.

Sail box view of the inside before 3rd panel installed

Panel for 'C' rig and the 'B' rig on the back panel. Also slots for keel and rudder

Here you can see the 'A' rig on the inside of the front panel and the 'C' rig located on the inside panel and the 'B' rig on the back panel as well as the keel and rudder.

Below - you can see this with the inside panel closed and only the 'A' rig accessible.

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