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Saturday, December 26, 2009


Well, did an inventory of what still need to be completed with this boat and it seems I am almost done with this boat and project.

1 - I need to order some blocks to better engineer the bungee that holds the tension on the sheeting system.
2 - Check final weight of keel and hull to ensure all is in order, I may have to add weights to the B and C rigs to make the whole boat, rig come to minimum weight if it comes in less.
3 - Complete sail box. I ordered some clips from West Marine that will hold the rigs in place, and then need to figure out a way to secure rigs on place using rubber bands, bungee cord, hooks and eyes etc.
4 - Get the rigs measured in and the hull.
5 - I did order a hull cover and a keel cover from Chuck LeMahieu of Richardson, TX (his website is listed as a link on this blog)
6 - I also ordered a new DX6i radio with the new marine receiver MR3000

This was a great project, although it took much longer than I expected, but at the end of the day, I built this boat with my own two hands! I do not know if the boat will be competitive or not, but I feel it is the sailor who is good, not necessarily the boat.

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