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Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Receiver & Radio

My DX6i radio came in yesterday together with the new Marine MR3000 receiver. I went to the boat yard and we programmed the radio and linked the receiver. This new receiver has 2 antennae and one is about 8 inches long and the other 13 inches. After putting the Rx in the pot, I pushed the long antenna out the whole where the servo wires are fed and we ran it forward up to the servo mount. The other antenna we ran out a small whole in the back of the pot and let it hang in the stern of the boat. We dipped the exposed ends of the antennae with silicon to protect them from water and subsequent possible corrosion.

We also installed the the plastic clips that hold the rigs securely in place and installed some tie downs to better secure the rigs in the boat box. I sanded on the outside of the box and dusted it off. I will put on a second coat of the polyurethane this afternoon. Then i have to install a carrying handle, or 2. As noted we put in slots to hold the rudder and the keel and the box will have a different balance point if the box is loaded with the keel and rudder than if it doesn't.

We are also looking for a source for a good hasp/latch to hold the box together when it is closed.

I will get some pictures today of the items noted above and will post them.

Hope to get the hull cover and keel cover soon that I ordered from Windward Sailing. When these come in I will certainly post some pictures.

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