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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Boat stand and sail box

Yesterday I went to the boat loft and built a boat stand out of PVC pipe and started to build my sail box. I will post pictures later this weekend.

The boat stand is made from 1/2 inch PVC pipe and some elbows and a couple of 'T' fittings. I used some type of rubber shelf liner for the 'hammock' that supports the hull. This cost less than $10.00 to make.

The sail box is made from 1/4 inch plywood and 1 x 6 poplar boards and 2 piano hinges at 6 foot length each. This box will hold all three rigs. I will post more details of the box and some photos later this weekend.

Today I will continue to work on the sail box and try to knock out some of the other items on my list of things to complete to finalize this boat.

Sunday we are planning on sailing IOM's at the lake front.

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man overboard sailing said...

It's really enjoyable.. I only have 1 question. My keel post is glued after 1 year of fresh water sailing. I dont know it is is rust or what. but it wont come out of its sleeve.. has anybody else had that problem?
@ Joseap K.