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Monday, March 23, 2009

Building the masts

While the clear coat is setting up, I started building the masts. There are 3 sets of rigs for this class boat, an A rig, a B rig and a C rig for different wind ranges.
The rigs are made of 12mm aluminum tubes and need holes drilled in them for the shrouds, the head stay attachment and adjustment holes for the jib halyard. I drilled these holes on Saturday and went through 2 drill bits as the aluminum dulls the drill bit very fast. Drilling all of these holes is not as easy as it looks, I marked the holes 1st with a pencil on some blue tape. The holes were then scored with an Exacto knife to make a point for the drill bit to start.

I also ran the shrouds and back stay on the A rig with un-coated 60 pound test stainless steel leader wire. I ran out of this wire so I have to buy some more to finish rigging the B rig. I used some 90 pound test un-coated stainless steel wire for the C rig - I want this rig to be pretty strong.

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