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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Keel blade work

Last night we did some work on the keel blade (again). We have to get the blade ready to make the mold for the keel box. The blade was filled with some micro-balloons and epoxy the night before to fill some low spots. Last night we sanded and sanded some more to remove the high spots. Some body filler was used to fill a few small low spots then sanded. Finally we sprayed some primer on the blade and found many small pinholes! We put a few coats of primer on and did some sanding as well.

My next step will be to sand the high spots down, and fill the remaining pinholes with some body filler and then sand down the filler and any high spots. Another coat of primer than a final sand to get the blade smooth. Then we can make the keel box.

I forgot my camera, but I hope to take some photos the next week when iI continue my work on the VEKTOR.


Chip Puccio said...

Hi there. just got plans from midwestmodelyachting for the vektor and they don't include station spacing. any ideas?

IOM Building said...

The plans are to scale, just not sure what the scale is, and i do not have the plans in front of me. I think they are all 10cm except for the 1st station, may be 8cm to allow for the bow bumper.