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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Bow piece

A bow piece was fabricated out of the scrap fiberglass that had epoxy on them and cured. I borrowed the mold that the hull came from in order to have the hull at the designed width and then traced out the stem piece on a piece of paper, transferred the drawing to the fiberglass and cut with scissors and then sanded to a tight fit. The piece was placed in the hull and then some thickened epoxy was mixed up with some filler and poured inside the hull and smoothed around the stem piece. I also put a small piece of fiberglass cloth over the thickened epoxy and pressed it in gently for added strength. Eventually a silicon bow bumper will be fabricated and attached to the hull. You can see from the photo that we left the hull bow down to set up over night. I will be travelling for a week and will not get back to this project until after the 25th of January. My thanks to Al and Hew for their help tonight.


Anonymous said...

CJ: How will you make the sails? La

cjb300 said...

You will have to wait and see. Will take some mylar and cut panels and lay it out on a sailboard to make the shape. Stay Tuned La!