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Thursday, December 18, 2008

UPDATE - December 18, 2008

It has been quite a long time since I updated this blog and worked on my IOM so here is the scoop on what has been going on.

Some in our local group who built IOM hulls by laying up strips of balsa and covering with Fiberglass and epoxy discovered that these boats can leak water, causing the balsa to swell up. A hull plug was made of one hull design and and a mold was made of the VEKTOR.

Several VEKTOR hulls and decks were made for some of our group in order to increase our local fleet size. At this point 3 VEKTORS are in the water and 3 still remain to be built, mine being one of them.

I hope in the next few months to work and complete my VEKTOR. I ordered my servos (including back-ups) yesterday and they should be be here Friday. From Servo City I bought the following:

Sail Servo = HSR-5990TG Servo = 2 @ $99.99 each
Rudder Servo = HS-225MG Servo = 2 @ $27.99 each

Presently I am putting together my list of parts and pieces to complete the build. I have looked at ISOBAR's website and at MIDWEST's website for purchasing the items i think i need. I hope to make the order his afternoon.

I have some work to do on my hull and deck, mainly adding some fiberglass to stiffen the hull and some thinned out epoxy to the inside of the hull to seal up any pinholes that were noted o be in some of the other hulls made from the mold.

Christmas is fast approaching and do not think too much will get done for the next few weeks, but at least I will have all of my parts and pieces!

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