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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Installing Deck Hardware

Tonight it rained so we did not sail Victorias, instead I went to the boat yard and did some work on the IOM. I installed the rudder servo and the carbon push rod and a trim piece. I also installed the sail servo and the servo arm. A double cheek block was installed on the sail arm. A block was installed in the forward end of the cockpit for the main sheet and another block inside the forward part of the hull for the bungee cord tensioner to go through. A few holes were drilled into the forward cockpit bulkhead, two for the fairleads for both the sheet and the bungee cord tensioner and another holes was drilled for the ON/OFF switch. Again, the goal is to get this boat in the water soon so i can make it to the Region 5 Regatta in Dallas at the end of October.

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