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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Sanded on Keel

Today I sanded the extra epoxy off the keel bulb and then primed it, added some bondo filler and sanded it more. In fact, did this a series fo times. Hopefully I will get the final paint on it this week. I think I am going to use an appliance type epoxy paint. It has a very durable finish.

My sail cloth should be here this coming week too. I ordered from Midwest Model Yachting 10 ft of 1.4 mil mylar material and 10 ft of the 2.0 mil mylar material. I understand this should be enough material for me to make 2 sets of A sails and 2 sets of B sails. Al has some cloth I can use for my C rig. The sail cloth cost $27.00 with shipping.

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