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Friday, February 19, 2010

Alamo Classic IOM Regatta

I am leaving today for San Antonio, TX to sail in my 1st IOM regatta! The Pirates of Woodlawn are hosting their famous ALAMO CLASSIC IOM REGATTA on Saturday, February 20th and it looks like there will be 20 boats on the starting line. Head Pirate, Capt Jack, advises that he will have to fleets, a gold fleet for more experienced skippers and a silver fleet for those with less experience. The silver fleet should have some tight racing, as a few of us hackers from the Victoria Fleet will be battling it out with our IOMs.

This past week I found the leak that has been haunting me since the 1st time she hit the water. It seems the mast tube was leaking like a sieve! I went to Hew's shop and we put some thickened epoxy in the mast tube and sealed up the leak. We (Hew) also looked at my 'A' mainsail and decided it would look better if it was trimmed a bit. We took the sail off the rig and then pulled off the luff tape and re-cut the luff and then reinstalled the sail. It definitely looks much better now.

I will post more during or after the weekend.

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