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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Epoxy and Fiberglass

It took four (4) 'pumps' of from the West Epoxy system cans to wet the fiberglass on the outside of the hull and four (4) more 'pumps' to wet the interior fiberglass. It was noted that on Hew's Vanquish it took three (3) 'pumps' to wet the outside and three (3) 'pumps' to wet the inside. Al's Noux also required three (3) and three (3). Both the Vanquish and the Noux have less beam the the Vektor. I am not sure the fiberglass that Al & Hew used on their builds, but i am using 4 ounce S-Fiberglass on both the inside and outside of my hull.


N0cash said...

Hi Guys,
I've been watching since the get-go while drooling on my keyboard. When you brought in the vacuum bagger, I knew I hit the motherload of build logs. Your techniques are Eggzactly what I plan to do with my Triple Crown build (might go Vanquish instead).
The only suggestion I would offer is just a small one. More Pics !!
Thank you for documenting.

IOM Building said...

check out the above thread, some pictures there of a different, yet similar build of a vanquish